Report on CLESO AGM at St Lawrence Jewry on 29/4/2010 - by David Sutton

Catherine Ennis at 2010 AGMThe more formal statement of proceedings can be found in the annals of the minutes and in the Chairman’s report. This is by way of an informal résumé of the happenings on this day.

CLESO continued its connections with the City by holding its 2010 AGM in one of its prestigious churches. The event was notable in many ways, but chiefly the public installation of Catherine Ennis as our new president was the crowning glory. She has demonstrated already in the short period following her election a warmth and a strength of character which seems to be boundless. During the AGM in the Commonwealth Chapel, graced at one end with the case of one of the sections of the Klais, she was presented with the badge of office which she wore (with great panache!). After the AGM she moved up to the main organ on the gallery and gave a short demo of the resources of the instrument. Our appetites were then whetted for either a play on the Klais or a party or both! Courtesy of the Storeys, we had a sumptuous spread of goodies to be washed down with wine etc and the membership took the opportunity to introduce themselves to Catherine more informally.  Whilst this was going on, others had the opportunity to lay hands on the Klais and marvel at the marquetry on the console and explore the tone-colours – both loud and soft! The chorus reeds showed they came across the Channel, typically fiery and not weighty, matching the warm brilliance of the fluework. It seems we all had a great time.

We had another “first”. To the writer’s knowledge or recollection, we have never had a prayer or blessing at our AGM. The new incumbent of the church, David Parrott wrote one especially for the occasion (see CLESO Prayer) and many of us, including the writer, were very moved by this gesture particularly as we are, as organists, involved in the great work of the Church and we need every bit of spiritual “oomph” as possible. Indeed CLESO is doubly blessed by having ready access to and support from such people as David and Catherine.

CLESO owes a great debt of gratitude to the church authorities and the Corporation of the City of London for their co-operation in arranging this special AGM.

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